Now Stocking: Joanna’s Natural Spice Mixes

19th Mar 2015


The Smoke Shack is proud to announce that we are now stocking the full range of Joanna’s Natural Spices.  These Australian-made natural spice mixes are the brainchild of former ‘MY KITCHEN RULES’ contestant Joanna Stirn.

We here at The Smoke Shack are big fans of using dry rubs and spice mixes rather than wet marinades. Wet marinades tend to be high in oil and/or sugar. The sugar and oil burns and blackens easily if subjected to too much heat and/or open flames.

Dry rubs and spice mixes resist burning and blackening as they have little or no sugar and oil and they provide flavour without calories. Hey, even I have to look after the old waistline every now and then!

Here’s what Joanna has to say about Joanna’s Natural Spices…

“Creating traditional, timeless flavours has been my passion since I started cooking as a 6 year old girl taught by my family. I believe in using natural ingredients that my kids will also enjoy.  

These unique spices have no added sugar, MSG, artificial colours or flavours and are gluten free. They also have no nuts, dairy, egg, soy, wheat or animal products. They have no rice flour or volume fillers.

We simply use a blend of all natural herbs and spices, premium grade sea salt and olive oil.

You simply sprinkle on food and cook, without the need to even add oil. They are finely ground so you don’t have to marinade overnight and penetrate well into the food.

Our spices are great for bbq-ing, smoking and everyday cooking. In the kitchen as they are so versatile and simple to use as well as a great base for many other recipes by adding only two more ingredients. It’s all about giving your food a point of difference.

We are a family run business who are passionate about our products and cooking. Our our range of spices are currently used by award winning restaurants, celebrity chefs and the Adelaide Convention Centre.”

Ingredients: All natural herbs and spices, sea salt, garlic, chilli (mild), olive oil.”

Joanna’s Natural Spices come in five flavours:




Classic Chicken, and


At $5.50 each they are great value. We’ve also got a great bundled offer – one each of all the five different spices for $25, save another 10%.

Over the coming months The Smoke Shack will feature a number of recipes which use Joanna’s Spice. In the meantime, if you need any inspiration head over the Joanna’s Facebook Page for some recipes, hints and tips and mouth watering photos.

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