Chicken Yiros

This recipe is cooked on the awesome G-Spit Asador Charcoal BBQ with rotisserie attachment. It comes from Adrian Stirn, Director of G-Spit and a +20 year veteran of outdoor bbq-ing.  You can literally see the passion that Adrian has for his cooking in the text below.  Happy BBQ-ing!


This recipe is great for parties as you can layer it off as you need it, so if people come late or you get hungry later on after a few drinks no problem.

It’s also an inexpensive way to feed a crowd.

I have even done lamb and chicken Yiros parties and for my kids birthdays.

Preparation time 15 minutes

Cooking time around 4 hours for 20kg of yiros.


  1. 2 tubs of Joanna’s Natural Spices – either Classic or Portuguese.
  2. Pita Breads
  3. Your favourite salad ingredients chopped up and ready to serve – as a minimum I recommend tomato, lettuce and cucumber,
  4. Sauces – Mayo, BBQ, Tomato, Chilli – whatever you like.
  5. Chicken Fillets. Allow 300g per person. Ask the butcher for boneless Chicken Maryland fillet skin on or skin off. I prefer skin on. I would pre-order this at most butchers as it is a cut they normally don’t have them pre-made.  You can also use chicken thigh fillets as they have a smaller diameter.

Adrian’s Tip: Make up some mint yogurt and garlic sauce in advance – this adds a real authenticity to the Yiros.


  1. Season the tray of fillets with either Joanna’s Classic or Portuguese Natural Spice. Then season each layer as you place the fillets on top of each other. There’s no need for oil as there is enough fat in the chicken.There’s also no need to leave to marinade. Joanna’s Spices are great in that you can cook with them straight away.
  2. Tighten 1 prong on the shaft then slide chicken fillets onto shaft. Make sure leg fillets are compacted down as tight as you can then slide the prong on the other end.
  3. You can fit up to 20kg per shaft. If you are doing less than 10kg per shaft you can cut fillets in half to make a smaller diameter and stretch them out on the shaft to reduce the total cooking time.

Adrian’s Tip: You can reduce the cooking time to around 2 hours for 10kg of chicken fillets cut in half for smaller diameter. 

  1. Cook on high heat all the way with the lid above the Yiros.
  2. Start to layer off thin layers with a sharp knife after a good hour and keep warm in heat pot, slow cooker or oven.  Then cook next layer and repeat until all done.

Adrian’s Tip: I like to use a slow cooker as a cheap, effective Bain Marie. You can buy a 5 litre one for about $20 that will hold 5kg of meat. 

To Serve

Pile meat onto a platter. Place all the salads, sauces and pita breads on a table and let them go for it!

 Adrian’s Tip: If you want to be a real G-Spit Guru, try slicing the chicken straight from the spit onto the Pita Breads, just like the pros in your local Kebab Shop.



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