Lamb Yiros

This is another terrific recipe from Adrian Stirn at G-Spit.  It uses the G-Spit Asador Charcoal BBQ with rotisserie attachment.   It take only a few minutes preparation and the result is OUT. OF. THIS. WORLD.


This recipe is great for parties as you can layer it off as you need it, so if people come late or you get hungry later on after a few drinks no problem.

It’s also an inexpensive way to feed a crowd.

I have even done lamb and chicken Yiros parties for my kids birthdays.

Preparation time 15 minutes

Cooking time around 4 hours for 20kg of yiros.

Cooking time around 2 hours for under 10kg of yiros with smaller diameter.

Adrian’s Tip: To gauge the heat of the G-Spit, you should be able to hold the palm of your hand for 3-4 seconds maximum above hot coals before it becomes too hot. That is the height you should have the lowest part of the meat to coals.


  1. 2 tubs of Joanna’s Natural Spices – Mediterranean.
  2. Pita Breads
  3. Your favourite salad ingredients chopped up and ready to serve – as a minimum I recommend tomato, lettuce and cucumber
  4. Sauces – Mayo, BBQ, Tomato, Chilli – whatever you like 

Adrian’s Tip: Make up some mint yogurt and garlic sauce in advance – this adds a real authenticity to the Yiros.

  1. Lamb Shoulder: Ask the butcher for whole boneless lamb shoulder, or tell him you want it for yiros and want it cut in fillet size pieces about 17-18cm diameter.  This is the best size for cooking more than 10kg on one shaft. You can also use boneless lamb leg, just make sure you are getting good quality lamb from your butcher so it is not tough and chewy.

Adrian’s tip:  You can fit up to 20kg per shaft. If you are doing less than 10kg per shaft you can cut fillets into 9cm diameter and stretch it out on shaft to halve the cooking time. 

  1. Paper bags and greaseproof paper, to serve.


  1. Whole lamb shoulder is an uneven shape and thickness so it will not look as neat on the shaft as the Chicken Yiros. This doesn’t matter as it comes up nice and rustic and after you cut the first layer it will tidy up.
  2. Cut shoulder into fillet size pieces up to 18cm diameter. The fillet size pieces should be sliced thin if possible. You want the fillets about the thickness of a pen so you will need a sharp knife.  Ask your butcher to do if you are not confident or get him to show you how. The thinner the pieces the more tender it will be as you are shortening any connective tissue.
  3. Season a tray with Joanna’s Mediterranean Spice then season each layer of fillets and place on top of each other. No need for oil as there is enough fat in the lamb and also no need to leave to marinate, you can cook straight away. However I like to do the day before so less to do on bbq-ing day.
  4. Tighten 1 prong on shaft then slide lamb onto shaft. Make sure fillets are compacted down the best you can then slide the prong onto the other end.
  5. Cook on high heat all the way with lid above yiros to speed up cooking time if you like. 
  6. Meat should be cooked well done which comes out more tender in this style.  Start to layer off thin layers with knife after a good hour and keep warm in heat pot, slow cooker or oven. Then cook next layer, then repeat until all gone.To ServePile meat onto a platter. Place all the salads, sauces and pita breads on a table and let them go for it!

Adrian’s Tip: Squeeze fresh lemon on cooked lamb after layering it off in pot. It adds a beautiful flavour and also helps to further tenderize the meat.

If you want to be a real G-Spit Guru, try slicing the lamb straight from the spit onto the Pita Breads, just like the pros in your local Kebab Shop.

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