Slow roasted and smoked Portuguese Chicken

I first cooked this recipe at the Good Food and Wine Show in Perth in 2011. It went down so well with the crowd that once the word had got around, they were lining up, seven deep to get a taste. Needless to say it was one of the better shows we’ve done!

This one has flavour that will make your taste buds stand to attention. It’s a simple and easy crowd pleaser.

Bonus: Gluten Free & low in fat.


  1. Whole Chicken, skin on.  I prefer free range chicken sourced locally, so when in WA I choose Mt Barker Free Range  – it’s available everywhere and is terrific.
  2. Smoke Shack Chicken Rub
  3. Bradley Maple Syrup
  4. Bradley Mesquite or Hickory bisquettes. Mesquite imparts a stronger and more authentic flavour to the dish. Hickory is a well rounded, slightly “sweeter” flavour.
  5. Cooking Spray.


  1. Whole chickens take a long time to cook in the Bradley Smoker, so I like to butterfly them. Better still, get your butcher to do this for you.
  2. Hit the chicken all over with a good dose of the rub. Massage it into the flesh and skin well, cover and put in fridge to marinade. Leave for a minimum of 4 hours.

    Smiddy’s tip: If you have a vac sealer and time on your hands, do this a day or two beforehand and vac seal the bird. The flavour will go right through the meat and every bite will burst in your mouth – guaranteed!

  3. Pre heat smoker to 82C/179F.
  4. Paint the bird all over with a good dose of maple syrup using a pastry brush. This prevents it drying out and gives it a lovely sweet aftertaste.
  5. Spray the tray with cooking spray and place bird skin side down in the middle of the smoker.
  6. Smoke for 4 hours/cook for 6 hours, turning once after 3 hours.
  7. Pre-heat the top element of your oven to 200C/390F and place bird in oven, skin side up, for 10-15 mins to crisp up the skin.


    To serve:

    Nothing screams healthy AND tasty like a beautiful piece of freshly smoked and slow roasted chicken served with a crispy green salad and fresh crusty bread.

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