Smiddy’s Low ‘n Slow Smoked Beef and Pork Platter

You know the situation: a bunch of mates, wives and kids coming to your place for a bbq. You wanna do something a little special and blow their minds right? Well, here’s the recipe for you. This one will have them talking for weeks and give you the street cred you deserve.

It’s also super easy and leaves you plenty of time to talk to your guests and enjoy a beer…or two…

You can use almost any meat but I prefer beef and pork as they cook at the same temperature and the same length of time, making it even easier.

This recipe will feed 10 hungry or 12-14 “normal” appetites. Adjust quantities as necessary!



  1. Rump steak roast, about 2kgs. I use local organic rump from Green Fire, you can find details of stockists on their website http://www.blackwoodvalleybeef.com.au
  2. Pork Scotch Fillet roast about 2kgs, skin off. I get mine from Vince at Mondos in Mt Lawley, its awesomely juicy and tender
  3. Smoke Shack pork rub
  4. Smoke Shack beef rub
  5. Murray River pink salt flakes. If you can’t find Murray River salt, use a good quality air dried, ocean salt flake. Any grocer worth their salt (pardon the pun!) will stock at least one
  6. Mesquite, Hickory or Maple flavoured Bradley Bisquettes, you choose.
  7. Cooking spray


  1. Rub liberal amounts of the salt and the Smoke Shack Pork and Beef rub into the flesh of both the pork and beef
  2. Cover with cling film (vac sealing is better if you have one) and place in fridge to marinade overnight
  3. Preheat smoker to 82C/179F. This one is low and slow. Like I said, all the more time to entertain your guests and enjoy a beer
  4. Spray rack with cooking spray to prevent sticking
  5. Place roasts side by side on the same rack and place in the middle of the smokerSmiddys Tip: It’s REALLY important not to cross contaminate different meats when cooking, so make sure the roasts sit side by side and not one on top of the other. You don’t want your pork to taste like beef or vice versa!
  6. Smoke/cook for four hoursTo Serve:Dice pork into 3cm cubes and carve beef into nice thin slices. Pile up on a large serving platter and let ‘em at it

    Make sure you have plenty of good quality condiments on hand – mustard, pickles, chutneys, cranberry sauce, jalepenos etc

    I find that a large platter of warmed tortillas go down well also.  Pile the meat & condiments into the tortillas and make your own creations!

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