The Smoke Shack’s Smoky Chicken Cordon Bleu

This is another Smiddy Festival Favourite. We served this for the first time at the Good Food and Wine Show 2014 to amazing reviews. The punters couldn’t help themselves. Here it is for your enjoyment.

In addition to the amazing flavours, this dish looks H-O-L-L-Y-W-O-O-D. It will have your guests marvelling at your new-found culinary skills. Look out Masterchef!



  1. Skinless chicken breasts, one per personSmiddy’s tip. Use the best chicken you can find. I personally use Mt Barker Free Range chicken because its local, free range and super tasty. If you can’t find it in your local area, find a good alternative
  2. Camembert cheese, cut into long thin strips
  3. Good quality rasher baconSmiddy’s Tip: Make sure the bacon has a good layer of fat and skin. Don’t worry, this will render off during the cook and ensure the moisture stays in the chicken breast
  4. Fresh pineapple, cut into thin (1/2 cm) strips the same length as your chicken breasts and about 2cm wide
  5. Smoke Shack Chicken rub
  6. Cooking spray
  7. Bradley Maple bisquettes. Fruit woods like Apple and Cherry work well with this recipe too
  8. Toothpicks
  9. Béarnaise or hollandaise sauce
  10. Your favourite fresh vegies, lightly steamed


  1. Take a chicken breast and make a slice lengthways down the fillet, about 2/3 the way through the breast, to make a long pocket
  2. Work a liberal amount of the Smoke Shack Chicken Rub into all sides of the breast
  3. Place a pineapple strip and slices of camembert into the pocket
  4. Wrap chicken fillet completely in bacon rashers and secure with toothpicks
  5. Hit the bacon with a light coating of the Smoke Shack Chicken rub and work into the rashers with your fingers
  6. Preheat smoker to 92C/197F
  7. Oil racks with cooking spray and place chicken fillets onto tray. Place tray in the lower or middle racks
  8. Smoke/cook for 3 hours
  9. Test the internal temperature of the meat with a digital thermometer. You want the temperature of chicken to be at least 77C/170F. If it isn’t quite there, continue to smoke/cook. You may need to do this for up to another hour depending on the size of the filletsTo Serve:

    Place a chicken breast on a plate and drizzle with béarnaise or hollandaise. Arrange steamed vegies around the chicken.


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